The Photographer: Shamim Shorif Susom1

I was born in 10 March, 1988 in Bogra. I was the youngest amongst 5 siblings in our family. I had my SCC and HSC in 2004 and 2006, then joined Bangladesh Air Force and Commissioned in 2009 as Pilot Officer. I completed my B.Sc in Aeronautics in 2010 and Post Graduate Diploma In Defence Management in 2014 from Sri Lanka. I was promoted as a Squadron Leader in Bangladesh Air Force in 01 October 2015.

From my childhood, I had keen interest on photography. I started photography in class 9, continued it with my Yashika MF-2 camera with films, lateron, shifted to DSLR in 2011. It has always been a big passion for me, part of my life and lifestyle. I won crafty`s international wedding photography contest in 2013, won honorable mention award in The photographic angle, UK contest and was one of the 10 winners of the bKash photography contest in 2014. I have participated in 19 exhibitions , has worked as an orginizer in Grasshoppers Photographic Community and editor at Grasshoppers Photographic School.

I love to capture shots from the sky, love to travel, explore the world with my camera and capture the beauty as much as I can.